Monday, July 18, 2011

Once Upon a Potty

If only I would post oftener, I wouldn't feel conflicted about what to write about.  Since I haven't written in awhile, there feels like so much to tell.  Like the girls and my trip to Chiliwack and Nanaimo for a wedding and visit with their great-grandparents, or my trip to Spokane with my hubby (sans kids), or our multiple vehicle and air conditioner break downs which could lead to a large rant on money and the evils of it.

But I think I will write about potty-training.  That's interesting, right? 

Leigh is currently potty-training.  We started once we got home from our little vacation.  My mom had been here the end of June, and she said that she thought Leigh was ready since Leigh always said poop, and then she would have a poop in her diaper.  So once we got home it was panties only for little Miss Leigh (except for nap and bed times, and also when we go out somewhere). 

Leigh hasn't fussed about not being in diapers, though that's not a surprise since it seems to be trait that children are born with to love running around naked.  This must seem like one step closer to naked to her.  But she has yet to do anything on the toilet.  But it's only the first week.  Some people might wonder if she truly is ready yet, she's only just turned 2, but I am fairly positive she is because she consistently tells me "poop" right after she pees in her pants. 

And once she says poop, we both run to the washroom, her leading the way.  So she has the concept down, just not the timing.  But she will get it, I'm sure.  I am actually being much more patient with her about this (most days) than I thought I would be.  Usually having to take time away from "my" day to do things irritates me, but I guess God is working in my heart (thank goodness!) and making me more aware of what is truly important in "my" day, i.e. my kids.

So hopefully by the next time I write about this, we will have some victories to report!  Because I am so ready to have no more diapers, at least until the next one!