Tuesday, September 25, 2012

School in September

I just put Leigh down for a time-out/nap and she is crying at the top of the stairs.  I am too lazy to go put her back in her bedroom.  I probably should though.  She is being sooooo incredibly cranky today.  I'm wondering if I am letting her play too many "video games."  Lately while I do school work with Abby, I let Leigh play on my iPhone.  Ideally I don't want to do this every day, but I feel like it's just so much easier.

I'm hoping that once the house gets more organized, I'll have more stuff for her to do.  I have lots of ideas, just none really implemented.  And maybe I should be taking more time with her.  Even while she was playing games on the phone today she wanted to stay cuddled with me.  I think that I don't take more time because I'm selfish and just want to get through the "work" as soon as possible, so that I can sit on the computer wasting my time and mind away.

Last week was a really difficult school week.  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, oh my, it was just rough.  Leigh was fussy and Abby wanted nothing to do with school.  I was stressed out.  I have ladies' Biblestudy on Thursdays, and I asked for prayer for help with school.  We didn't do any school on Friday because, well because I just didn't want to.  But we did some on Saturday, and it was seriously way better.  And so far this week it has gone much better as well.  I am so very excited.

I think that it's not that Abby is any different, well, maybe a little, but I have just more patience.  An that makes a huge difference.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Where is a Horizontal Keyboard Option When You Need One?

It's funny how when I have Internet and computer access, I can sit down and try to think of something to write but I never seem to feel like it or it just doesn't seem interesting enough. But the minute you take away my computer, I have huge urges to share all my thoughts with the world.

We are now moved. And am I ever glad that is done. Now I just have to unpack. I've been thinking, and I'm still not quite sure which is worse, packing or unpacking. I'm leaning towards packing I think, because unpacking has that organizational and fun-to-find-a-place-for-it elements. My problem is that the basement here isn't finished or even ready for storage so I'm trying to stuff everything upstairs. I have too much stuff. If you need any stuff, come see me.

On top of all the adventure of a new house, we started "school" on Tuesday. I had wanted to start a couple weeks ago but that didn't pan out. We've only done two days so far, but everyone is still alive. It is definitely a patience building thing, teaching Madison, and Livi too. But I think it is going to work out just fine.

So this is all I'm going to write for now because I'm on my iPhone and it's ridiculously frustrating typing on here. Hope everyone out there reading his is well. Have a fun filled weekend. I'm hoping to convince my husband to take us to the lake while the good weather lasts.