Sunday, May 11, 2014

Back From Wherever I Was

What is this?  Is Erica writing a post after almost a year of silence here?  It cannot be! Yet it is.  I have actually sat down a fair amount of times over the last year and started to write something, but I always end up deleting whatever I put down because I feel like it's not good enough for the few (very few) people who do read my little blog.

And I realized the other day, that I do this same thing in life.  I want to do something, I want to do something, but then I start second guessing myself.  I think about how it might look to others.  I think about what others might want to hear.  I think about what they will think about me.  And then I get so overwhelmed that I do nothing.  And I am sick of being a person who does nothing.  I'm sick of feeling so damn apologetic over everything I do.

And the thing is, nobody cares!  If I want to write about the mundane things that I do everyday, so what?  I doubt anybody will spare a thought about it.  Seriously, who is going to read it and think "Well, what an idiot that chick was."

So that is my little ramble through my thoughts regarding me today.  Now I have to go figure out what we are going to attempt to do in school this week.