All About Me

Hello and welcome to my little corner of the world.

My name is Erica, in case you missed seeing it on the side there.  And as the title obviously suggests, I am a redhead.  Though I actually don't define my life about being a redhead, I just thought it was catchy.

I have been married to my wonderful (most of the time) husband Mark since 2006.  Marriage is such a journey and growing opportunity, maybe I'll have it figured out in, oh, 50 years.  But I know that I married the man God wanted me to, so that covers a LOT of hard times.

We have four beautiful girls, Abby, 9, Leigh, 7, Rachelle, 3, and Sigrid, 1.  I still can't believe how fast time is going.  They are a gift from God, definitely blessings, but also as a way of strengthening me by making me completely reliant on Him.  Because if I didn't have God, I would make a miserable parent.

I don't have a specific area that I blog on, just life and how it is for me.  I'm not any kind of eloquent writer, and sometimes I'm pretty sure that I don't make sense, but I try to be real, if nothing else.


Darryl and Ellen Frederick said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Erica! Looks like you haven't been on in a while, but thought I'd leave a message here just incase you check in! "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" I hope all is well with you up North! Take care and God bless you all!!