Sunday, March 27, 2011

You Know it's Spring When...

  • The snow melts
  • The snow melts because it is washed away by rain
  • The view out your front window is mud and rocks and twigs and pinecones and toy shovels you thought you had lost last summer
  • You are happy that the view out your window is mud and rocks and etc.
  • The birds start waking you up at 4 am again
  • You see woodpeckers on telephone poles during your walks
  • Your kids can ride their bikes
  • You start complaining about swatting flies
  • Your house temperature is higher than what you set your furnace at, and you don't even have the oven on
  • You can wear sandals without getting frostbite
  • You feel like singing again
  • Spiders hang out on the back of your see-through picture frame that just happens to be on top of your computer desk (guess what I'm looking at right now?)
  • Spiders come out of the woodworks to torment you again
  • Even the spiders can't make you sad about Spring

Friday, March 25, 2011

Secondhand Shopping

I love thrift stores.  I have to admit it.  Sometimes I forget how much I love them and I don't shop there for a couple months, but every time I go back in and score such great deals, I am thrilled.  I went to Gleaners today, which is one of the seondhand stores here in town.  And in my opinion it is the best one.  The reason is that everything is super cheaply priced.  Some secondhand places still have (relatively) expensive prices, but not Gleaners.  Three years back I got an Oster coffee maker for $1.  And it still worked when I got rid of it last year.  The only reason I got rid of it was that it took quite a long time to fill the pot, but still.  $1.00!  My current microwave I bought for $4.  It's old but it works.

I get a rush just thinking of those things!  I can't go shopping there too often or I would buy too much stuff.  They sell kids books for 10 cents each, adults for 25 cents.  The way my kids wreck books, it's better than taking out library books. 

I can just go on and on but I won't.  I was just excited since I went there today and got some clothes for Abby, and some ribbon for a project I'm going to be making for the girls, and some books.  I used to always think that thrift stores were for poor people, but down here, I see almost everyone in town there.  Seriously, it's always busy on the days they are open.  And I totally get it now.

Thursday, March 24, 2011