Sunday, March 27, 2011

You Know it's Spring When...

  • The snow melts
  • The snow melts because it is washed away by rain
  • The view out your front window is mud and rocks and twigs and pinecones and toy shovels you thought you had lost last summer
  • You are happy that the view out your window is mud and rocks and etc.
  • The birds start waking you up at 4 am again
  • You see woodpeckers on telephone poles during your walks
  • Your kids can ride their bikes
  • You start complaining about swatting flies
  • Your house temperature is higher than what you set your furnace at, and you don't even have the oven on
  • You can wear sandals without getting frostbite
  • You feel like singing again
  • Spiders hang out on the back of your see-through picture frame that just happens to be on top of your computer desk (guess what I'm looking at right now?)
  • Spiders come out of the woodworks to torment you again
  • Even the spiders can't make you sad about Spring