Thursday, November 15, 2012

Of Robots and Toddlers

So I personally believe that my kids are super cute and say the cutest things every uttered on this Earth. I may be wrong, but I doubt it.  Hahaha.

Anyways, my girls are quite diverse in their interests from the typical girly interests.  They definitely enjoy tea parties and being princesses and dancing ballet, but they also like to pretend to be pirates, and do Kung Fu and they absolutely LOVE Transformers.

Hot Rod/Rodimus Prime, my all-time favourite.  Abby's too.  Leigh prefers Bumblebee

No, I don't let them watch the new, "real-life" Transformer movies.  But we do watch the original Transformers movie, as well as the TV series from the same time.  Much better in my opinion than these new ones which were a huge disappointment to me. (I could write a whole post on that.  Why did they focus so much on humans?  Why wasn't Hot Rod in the movies?  Why why why wasn't the theme song used?!)

We have a few mini Transformer toys, Mirage and Jazz I believe, and one large Sky Fire.  Leigh goes crazy for them, especially for Sky Fire.  And it's super cute to watch her play with them.  Here is a really short but funny conversation she had between two toys the other day. 

Note: I do not let my children be violent to others in real life.  Just to clarify, hahaha!

Penguin Toy: See my family?

Mirage: No!  I shoot your family!

Ok, so it had to be heard to be as cute as it was.  But I laughed.