Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I Hope I Don't Forget to Brush her Teeth in the Morning

For anyone out there listening, please pray for me and my daughter, Abby.  Tomorrow I am taking her to the hospital to have her cavities filled.  Originally the appointment wasn't until November, but one of the people who was scheduled for this day is out of the country for a couple months, so we got bumped up last minute. 

We have to be at the hospital by 7 tomorrow morning, and I'm not sure how long we will be there.  My hubs has the day off, thankfully, so he will be home to watch Leigh.  I do have a friend who is willing to watch my girls anytime for me, but Leigh has been very fussy anytime she gets dropped off there, so I thought it would be best to just have her at home.  Plus then he will be at home with me in case I need extra help with Abby.

The doctor will put Abby to sleep with the gas mask first, and then insert the IV.  I am allowed to be in the room for this part.  I am a little nervous because the doctor said that even though she is asleep after the mask and will remember nothing, she might squirm and cry out a little.  That thought clenches my heart.  And the doctor also told me that she put in a tube to help with the breathing.  That thought really clenches my heart.  I don't know if I will actually be able to take seeing that.  My little girl!  With a tube in her throat!  I think they might make me leave the room anyways.

She will wake up in the recovery room, and I will be able to be there when she does wake up.  I am so very thankful that I can be there for her, and I am thankful that this is covered under the Healthy Kids program in our province.  If it weren't for that, I don't know if we would have the money for all the dentist apoointments.  We sure don't have it for us adults.  I am also thankful that it is only for a few cavities that we are going in tomorrow.  I am so blessed that both my girls are healthy.  It could be so much worse.  There are parents out there who have to deal with much bigger problems, like surgery for any number of fatal problems.  Mine is just teeth.