Thursday, February 3, 2011

How's the Weather? and Other Mindless Chit-Chat

I was planning on posting this last weekend.  I had even thought out a few ideas in my head, just waiting to be written here.  But then my family got the flu.  We are just now recovering.  So those posts (obviously) didn't get written, and I don't even remember what I was going to write about. 

When I had time to notice the weather outside this week, I am caught between my desire and reality.  It was really warm last week, but this week it has been cold.  Okay, so cold is relative.  It has been around -10 to -16.  Ish.  Not cold compared to the weather we used to have when we lived up North, but cold for here.  I think that it is slightly deceitful of the sun to shine on the cold days. 

The snow we had has melted off a lot last week.  My yard has barely any snow in it, though there are lots of yards around town that still have snow.  But all the melting makes me feel like it's close to Spring.  Yet it is still just the beginning of February.  So I am in for disappointment I think. 

But less snow means that it is easier to get outside for me and the girls.  I have plans of going for walks on the warmer days.  We'll see if that materializes.  I ahve been trying to take them outside more, since I have slacked on that all winter.  And we went outside a couple times before the cold.  They love to be outside.  Man, I wish I could be a kid again sometimes.

So this is my pointless post for today.  I am still feeling kind of tired, so I can't attempt anything other than this.