Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Friday Edition

So I wasn't going to post since I already posted a picture today, but I figured I should at least try to stick to my word.  Since I said Friday was "Weigh-in" day, I should really give the update on Fridays.  Instead of just not.  And yes, it is Saturday already in most of the world.  But I still have 20 minutes here...though maybe by the time I hit publish it will be tomorrow.  Oh well, can't help that now.

I have done horrible, and I mean HORRIBLE, with my eating this last week.  It's so bad, I have to say it again.  HORRIBLE!  And it's such a disappointment after how well I was doing.  So the damage is, I'm 164, and that was yesterday.  I've been doing so bad, I didn't bother weighing myself today.  I don't like to bring on depression purposely.

And I had planned on being 'good' today, but nah.  There were tortilla chips in the house.  And I don't remember if I've said it before, but salty foods are just my thing.  My hubby is amazed at the amount of crackers I can eat, all by myself.  When I think about it, I myself am actually amazed too.  So I have just stopped buying them.  Or actually I buy the unsalted saltines.  No good at all.  So now I don't eat them.  Unless I'm desperate...which happened this week.

So there it is.