Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I Want a Pill for Myself

I have deep suspicions that today, my children swallowed a drive-Mama-crazy-any-way-we-can pill.  I can find no other idea for the outrageous behavior we have experienced today.  They went to bed on time (and slept soon after), they are fed, clothed, not sick...well a little snotty...and ok, Leigh is cutting her molars, but she wasn't the bad one.  That title goes to Abby.

The day started ok enough, but after a couple hours some screaming and fits started, I can't remember over what now.  So I put Abby into her time-out chair in the corner.  This is my latest attempt of correction.  She hates being there.  I usually give her just a minute, upping it if she gets off or is too rowdy.  I usually let her scream and fuss, I just go on with whatever I'm doing, ignoring her.  And boy, does she HATE that.

So today I put her there, and she did ok, just some screaming.  But later she got a second (and third and possibly fourth) time-out, and she spit on the ground.  SPIT!  And when I was dragging  walking her to the corner she bit me!

She has been biting a lot lately actually, when I am forced to restrain her to get something done, like get her jacket on so we can leave wherever we are.  So it's not too surprising, but still upsetting.  And I will admit to those that don't know, I have a bit of a temper, so when she chomps down it is so very hard for me to remain calm.

I just wish I knew that what I am doing is working.  Am I getting through to her?  I don't know!  I tell my hubs that she is a child, it just takes lots and lots of time and repetition.  But I think I need to have a wife myself to talk to me...ok, maybe not.

Oh, I just looked at the time and I need to go make some mashed potatoes for supper (again, we just had them last night but hubby wants them because he wants gravy again tonight.  Oh the things I do!).


Heidi said... Best Blogger Tips

It is a little late for the pill, darling...

Erica said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh...shucks! Now what am I supposed to do! They should have a pill for this...they have pills for everything!