Thursday, November 24, 2011

How an Auction Gone Crazy (For Me) Leads to an Embarrassing Moment

Last week the preschool my daughter attends held a charity auction.  All the parents donated a couple items, and some businesses from around town donated as well.  I went there not expecting to purchase anything, maybe a toy or two if there were any that I might want as gifts.  I left there $84 poorer.

I am almost ashamed to put that number down.  I was shocked when it all tallied up.  See, I hadn't kept track as I bid and won item after item.  I got a few good deals, like an electric breast pump (no, not pregnant, just for the future) and a haircut for $20.  The only thing I truly regret is the gift certificate for our bakery.  It is a $20 value and I paid...$20.  At least I didn't lose money.  But in my defense, I though I was bidding $17.50.  I think the auctioneer was cheating.  Ok, not.  There were just a lot of "paddles" in the air.

So I was surprised when I looked at the back of the business card for the hair salon, that it had an appointment time for the next week penciled in.  I though 'Perfect.  I don't even have to make one.'  So today I trucked my kids over to my friend's house and then headed over to the salon.

On the way, I'm pep talking myself about being confident.  Talking confidently with the hair dresser, and saying what I want without it sounding like I'm a little mouse hiding in a corner.  Confidence, confidence, confidence.  And as I'm driving I have a vague thought, like "what if that appointment was actually someone else's and they lost the card, or something like that."  But I proceed anyways because better to find out than just run away, just in case.

I get there, and someone else is arriving at the same time as me.  That is a slight blip to my confidence, since I can be so intimidated by people.  We are walking up at the same time, when I see the closed sign in the window.

Blip number two.  I stop, and then ask if that sign is for the salon.  The other lady, who I actually recognized as another mom from the preschool but I don't know her at all so can't even claim acquaintanceship, said that she must have forgotten to flip it.

Blip number three comes once we're inside.  The hair stylist is still working on someone's hair.  She says to the woman who came in with me, "you must be my 2:15."  To which she replies yes.  At this point  I feel like melting into the floor, because I quickly realized that we can't both be the 2:15 appointment.

As it turned out, the preschool mom was one who helped out at the auction and she had stapled the business card to the gift certificate, but had accidentally stapled the one with her appointment time on it.  Oops.  So now I have my very own appointment for the coming Monday at 6.

I hate these kind of instances.  And I really shouldn't, because it isn't that big of a deal.  To me it feels like everyone must be thinking of how stupid I am, for assuming it was my appointment.  I should have called.  And yes, I totally should have called.  In fact, I actually thought of calling just to confirm.  But I didn't.  The reason?  Because I'm scared of talking to people.  I just feel awkward.  But a little awkwardness on the phone would have been a lot less awkward than standing there with three other people listening in.

So the moral today is to pick up the phone and just call the people already!