Thursday, December 1, 2011

After This I am Starting a Pin-aholics Annonymous

Remember how the other day I wrote about distractions?  And I may have bragged that the computer wasn't a huge distraction for me because I had my iPhone?  (Maybe it didn't come off as bragging, but I will confess, I was proud in my heart!) Well that is no longer true.  Because I have discovered Pinterest.

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When I first heard about Pinterest, I scoffed.  I thought, what a waste of time.  I'm not a big one for any kind of decorating, interior or exterior or any kind of terior.  I thought that there was no point for me to even look at it. Just another thing that I don't get, like Twitter.  (I do have a Twitter account, I just am still so confused by it. Somebody help me!)

Well, I finally signed up for Pinterest, and last week I started 'pinning'.  I haven't stopped.

No seriously, I am like non-stop.  I search the internet for things just so I can pin it.  I have over a hundred pins already, and something like 20 boards.  I think I may be addicted.  I have a ton of Christmas ideas for food and decorations and wrapping.  I have ideas for aprons to make, for skirts to make, for a ton of yummy looking desserts.  I even have a board dedicated to things I will never in my life use.

The darn thing just appeals to the organization freak in me.  Secret:  When I worked in an office, I loved sorting things to be filed.  This is like that.  I sort things to be filed on my boards.

I am trying to put a follow me button on my sidebar so you can all see the wonderfulness of my boards, but it hasn't been working so far.  But that button at the top of the post does work so you can just click that one.  Because I'm just so kind, I want everyone to be addicted to pinning just like me!


Heidi said... Best Blogger Tips

How is it that you and I who struggle with basic housecleaning love organizing? Honestly, I'm afraid to look. I quit Facebook remember I don't need another addiction.

Erica said... Best Blogger Tips

I've wondered the same thing. Love organization, but totally fall flat at practical application...

Please, join me in my addiction so I don't feel so bad! Hahaha