Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I have two new things in my life today: bangs and boots.

Here are the bangs

It only took about 5 tries to get a photo that was sort of centred, mostly clear, with no cleavage taking over the screen.  But isn't Leigh super cute?!

I love my new bangs.  I had a few before, but they were wispy and tended to mostly look greasy and lonely.  My friend cut them for me and at first I was needing a little adjustment time but now I am in love.  How did I live before?  I think I look so much better.  I pity my previous self for looking so pathetic.  :-)

And the boots

A photo on might show them off better, but meh.  I bought these throw a Facebook buy and sell group.  These again were an adjustment, but now I love them.  Though I don't think I have many clothes that are worthy to be paired with them.  And I have a desire now to try to wear them with a skirt but I think that might be too daring for me.  We'll see.

I got lots of compliments on my boots.  Okay, by lots I mean two people, but still!  It's two of my friends so that means lots to me.

New things just jazz life up a little and I was needing that.  I was contemplating trying to rearrange the furniture in my room but I don't think my hubs wants me to do that.  Plus I don't know if all the stuff would fit in the room any other way.  

I have lots of ideas for organization in my house, but I don't have all my items to do that, so I kind of feel stuck in that area.  Like I want to organize all our craft supplies, and my scrapbooking stuff.  I was planning on buying a cabinet at Christmas, but that fell through when we needed to fix our truck tire.  But I still hold onto that idea.  I have decided that I might be able to put supplies in boxes or baskets or something and use my baby change table as a shelf, since I'm not using it for babies currently.  But then I need more boxes or whatever.  And I don't want to buy them here, since they're like expensive, I think $5 at Extra Foods.  There is a Dollar Tree (which is pretty much my favourite non-secondhand store) just an hour south of me in Idaho, but I have to get my passport renewal sent off before I can go down again.

So those are my thoughts tonight.  Glad you were able to share them with me!


AshleyP said... Best Blogger Tips

I totally understand the need for rearranging furniture :) I am in that mood too, I usually just warn my husband that it is coming and he is usually ok with it, especially if I have a few successes!
And I also understand the need to organize (it is almost like my spring cleaning is coming early) And you could probably use that recovered diaper box idea from pintrest for organizing, you just don't have to cover them now, you could do it later or a little at a time...just a thought. Good luck! And I like the bangs too they look great!

Erica said... Best Blogger Tips

I think that I got in the spring cleaning mode because of the warm weather we had at the beginning of January. That diaper box idea, yes! And then I could say that I have actually done on of my Pinterest ideas, since I am ashamed to say I haven't.

Heidi said... Best Blogger Tips

I like the bangs.

I love that we have a Dollarama because of all the organizing things they have for cheap. It is definitely one of my favorite stores.

Erica said... Best Blogger Tips

I have heard so many good things about Dollarama too. But I have yet to actually shop in one. Though I think there may be one in Cranbrook now, or maybe they are getting one.