Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Day at the Lake

I know that the week is almost at the halfway point and it may be a little late to discuss my weekend, but I'm going to do it anyways. In my life that is full of lots of everyday, mostly unremarkable events, leaving the house to go anywhere is definitely something to tall about.

So we finally made it up to the lake. For the past month we have been trying to spend some time at the beach, but something always seemed to prevent us. One week my hubs has to work, the next he was sick. So we vowed that nothing would keep us from going this weekend (though I'm sure we might have been willing to negotiate if a storm happened to be that day). The day arrived, beautiful, clear blue skies that promised us some hot weather ahead. We had decided that we wanted to leave our house at ten a.m. so that we would beat the afternoon crowd and get a good spot on the beach.

Miracle of miracles, we are heading out the door at five after! I think this may possibly be the first time since we've had our kids that we have hit a self-designated timeline. The lake is about a forty-five minute drive from town but we didn't arrive until almost 11:20 due to the fact that no one in town sells water wings. I mean, really? Is it not summer? You would think SOMEONE would have them, but apparently not. Anyways, we get to the lake, park our car and carry all the stuff to the beach.

It is the nicest beach I have been to on the lake since we moved here 2 1/2 years ago. We are approaching the "local know-how stage!" it is all sandy, with some big rocks against the shoreline. We found the perfect spot between two of the big rocks; they sort of formed our own little private cove (though not for long, but more on that later). There wasn't very many people there, maybe 2 or 3 families. I was glad since people bring my shy nature to the forefront.

Abby and Leigh settled right in, heading right for the water. Abby had her waterwings on (we found them in the trunk) and splashed all around. Leigh liked to stand at the edge with just her feet in. We have a floatation tube that she cam sit in, but she started screaming when we put her in it so we just let her play in the sand, sometimes venturing to the edge.

After a little while another family came and parked their blanket right beside ours. I know that they have the right, it's a public beach, but I wished that they would have picked a spot that wad not right in our little area, but was instead on the other side of the rock. The beach wasn't crowded at all, so it's not like they didn't have a choice. I find it so restricting when others are around. I think that they are scrutinizing my every move and word and judging me by that, ultimately coming to the conclusion that they are far superior to me.

But I survived, and after being there for about threeish hours, we decided to pack up and go home. Leigh was needing her nap, and the adults (that's us) were getting tired of being there. So we head home.

All-in-all it was a good day, but I do have a list of after-effects that I possibly could have done without:

•Abby fell asleep on the ride home and peed in her car seat, which wouldn't be so bad except that I had washed it just THE DAY BEFORE.

•Both girls were covered on sand and got everything they touched covered in sand.

•My hubby and I got super sunburned; him on his back and front, and me on my shoulders and front. But mine is soooooooo bad, I am still really sore.