Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Pack It Up

If I had the dull blogger app for my iPhone, I would upload you a picture of my bed, which has about a thousand articles of clothing on it (my girls' and nowhere near all of their clothes). But I am nothing of nor cheap and I declined to pay the two dollars, or however much it was. I know that I will eventually cave and buy it, once I make sure that I am posting regularly. But I was talking about clothes. We are going on vacation, up North to visit our families for two weeks. And it is up to me to pick and pack all our clothes for this. How do I choose?

My first try, I soon saw that there was no way it was going to fit in just one small suitcase so I considered using two, one for each kid. But I didn't think that they would both for in our car along with the big suitcase for me and Hubs so I has to do a weedout of the clothes. I ruthlessly left out the shirts and skirts and pants that weren't on my absolutely-love-it list. And, I fit it all in!

I hate packing.