Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Vacation Musings

We only have 3 more days here before we head home. The first week we were gone it felt like the time ahead was so long, but now it feels like it went by fairly quickly. My hubs doesn't want to go home yet, but I have to admit that I miss my own home and life there.

I feel guilty for missing my home since all of our family live here but I can't help it. The guilt of moving away is something I still deal with. Maybe not on a daily basis anymore, buy still often. I am sad that my parents and my hubs' parents don't get to see all the everyday cuteness of our girls growing up.

Yet the guilt and the longing to be closer to our families are not enough to entice me back North. I love the scenery of home, the weather, the atmosphere of the small town not driven by the oilfield. It is now truly home to me. So I will stay there and maybe I can convince everyone to move down there with me. (though maybe in a neighboring town since it can be stressful having too much family in the same place!)