Monday, August 23, 2010

Vacation Highlights

•Wrangler's Pro-Rodeo Tour. My hubs and I spent an afternoon at the rodeo and really enjoyed ourselves. The little kid's events were among my favorite. Who wouldn't love watching 50 kids chase a calf and try to pull a ribbon off it's tail?

•Lunch at The Noodle Hut. We gave been waiting months to taste their Chinese food. There is none other that comes close. They are a tiny little restaurant but make the BEST Chinese food ever. I can't say enough how good it is. I already miss it!

•Fall Fair Parade. The kids really liked it and so did I. What with moving away and working before that, it had been years since I had watched it.

•Quadding. I rode behind my hubby on his quad on a trip down to the river, and I realized that I had never had an opportunity to do fun things like this with him before, not even when we were dating. I really enjoyed it. I felt like a teenager again, only better because I'm married to my "crush" and I had a beautiful family waiting for me at home.

•Free Babysitters. Need I say any more?

•Realizing how much I love my home now. Nothing against my old hometown, but I love my life down here. I am glad for my vacation because it showed me so clear that I am doing the right thing.

•Being with my awesome family. They are so encouraging, telling me how good I'm doing. It was a nice boost to my self-esteem.

•Watching Leigh bond with my Grandpa, her Great-Grandpa. It made his day, and it made me wish we were closer.

•Watching Abby bond with my Mom. My Mom is pretty special, and Abby realized that too.