Saturday, August 28, 2010

How Do You Follow the Leader When You are the Leader?

How did I ever get to be an adult? I think that before we are allowed to be considered adults and have children, God should administer a test. Or at least have some criteria to fill.

I am a chronic follower. If possible, I will always let someone else make the decisions. But I am ashamed to admit it because all around I see and hear of these super-moms. They are capable of making millions of decisions in a single instant, like what to have for supper, what to play with the kids, how much tv is too much, to homeschool or not, what curriculum to use, what to do with the toddler while working with the preschooler. I think I feel overwhelmed.

I have been trying to plan what I want to do for the year with my three-year-old. I would like to have a sort of sit-down time every day, to ease her into the school feeling. We have been very easy-going and laid back with our girls so far. I don't have a strict set schedule for our days at all. I have Biblestudy once a week that we go to but that is the only thing. We don't even attend a church so the girls don't get practice sitting still there.

I have purchased a Bible stories craft book to do with Abby. And I also have 'Slow and Steady, Get Me Ready' by June Oberlander, but I haven't done any of the activities with the girls yet.

I think I just need to get my butt in gear and do what I am constantly talking about. I think I'm scared of failing, but anything is better than nothing.