Thursday, June 30, 2011

How to Get Your Daughter to Try on Her Dress so You Can Adjust the Straps Accordingly

The title is slightly misleading since I haven't figured out how to do this myself 100% of the time, only 50%.  Leigh was a great model putting on the dress and taking it off when I needed to.  But Abby, no way. 

I was even prepared for some resistance, so I had candy as a bribe.  Some nice, big, blue whale candies.  I gave her one right away, and then popped her shirt off.  But as soon as I tried to put the dress over her head, well, that was when the cooperation ended. 

I then proceeded to pry the candy from her mouth, since the candy was for trying on the dress.  She naturally got upset about that so I tried to put the dress on again, all the time explaining why she got the candy and that it was conditional.

Nope, not happening.  So I shoved my finger in her mouth, trying to avoid her sharp little teeth, and amazingly enough, I got the entire candy out of her mouth.  Not something I really want to do everyday though; saliva, gross.

I gave her a little time-out in her room since she was freaking out.  And then we tried again.  But still she refused!

This has now turned into a battle of the wills and I am determined to win.  But I know from experience (just last night for example) that Abby sticks to her guns pretty strongly.  So I'll let you know the winner!

On a completely different matter, does anyone know how to remove the security tags from clothing?  I bought Abby a skirt while I was away and they didn't remove the tag and the store is a good two plus hours away.  And I live in a small town where I don't think any stores use security tags...