Friday, August 26, 2011

The Day of Accountability has Come!

Summary of my week:

  • I can't remember past Sunday, but I know I had a bad give in day (it might have been last Friday after I posted! Oops!)
  • Sunday we went down to the lake in the US and afterwards went to Pizza Hut.  I totally don't like Pizza Hut.  I went at least 200 calories over my limit that day, and I completely blame the gross and greasy bread sticks.  Why on earth did we order them?!
  • Because of poor eating I had gained a couple pounds.  I don't know how it happens so fast!  Frustrating, to say the least.  I was now 175 lbs.  
  • The rest of this week, especially the last three days, has been Great (totally with a capital G).  I had a couple days of over my limit, but only by 60ish calories.  These last few days I have been at the end of the day with over a hundred cals left.  And last night I didn't even use them up with ice cream.  (Ok, so I like ice cream, but don't love it so it's not super hard to turn down)
So because of this I am now 172 lbs.  I think.  We have one of those scales with a needle, and it's kind of hard to read exactly where it is.  But I'm going for 172! My waist is I think 40.5 ish, maybe even 40.  But I think that it isn't due to drastic weight lose, but simply just bad measurments.  Who knows.  I'm not too particular.  So that is my week.  I am still feeling very motivated about it, even that I am starting to think about exercise.  But just thinking!