Friday, August 19, 2011

And Again (AGAIN!!!) with the Dieting

I know that I haven't posted tons on my weight loss journey, but I think that's because I feel like I have the same thing to say EVERY SINGLE TIME.  Nothing seems to change, least of all my waistline.  But I am going to try posting something once a week, probably a Friday, to maybe keep myself a little more accountable.  Because there is maybe nothing more embarassing than posting your weight online for the world to see and having it constantly go up (well, actually, there are maybe a few more things embarrassing than that but still).

I am still using My Fitness Pal, and these last two days have been good.  I have two friends that have used this to count their calories and both have lost over 50 lbs each!  If they can do it, so can I!  Right? 

I have also figured out that just using a calorie counter doesn't actually make you lose weight.  Weird, I know.  You actually have to not eat over your calories and also eat better.  Who would have thought.  And that is my trouble.  But I do feel more determined this time (yeah, I know, I said that LAST time). 

So, I guess I will dish out my information, just to keep it all out there, no turning back, ok, here it is, just wait for it...

I am currently 173 lbs.  Darn, I was hoping that the smallest font was smaller than that!  Well, no point in using it anymore I guess.  

My waist is 41.5ish inches, though it is closer to 41, but I thought I should be fair and give it to the higher length.  Plus once I lose inches it will look like I lost more, wink wink.

My hips are 43.5.  

So now you know.  This is my body for now, but I hope to improve!  If you think of me ever, say a quick prayer that I am not eating anything chocolate at that time!