Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cast Your Burdens (clap clap clap) Unto Jesus (clap clap clap)

Now I am singing that kids' song in my head.  Oh well.  It's a good and true message!

Yesterday I was going to come on here and gripe about people and speech pathologists in particular and how they know nothing and just make your life miserable and what am I to do now and why can't life just be simple with easy-to-follow directions?  But as I was getting ready to type I remembered that I have been trying to take my problems to God before I go to human wisdom, so I went and prayed instead.

Not that I don't love getting advice and encouragement from you!  Because that is very important in itself.  God places people in our lives who are there to help and encourage us.  They can remind us of His truthes.  But I know that I can tend to rely on only them, not even bothering to glance at God.  That is when I need to just turn to Him and pour out my woes, so to speak.

So I did, and had a very encouraging time in prayer.  Encouraging in the fact that God revealed an area that I neeed to pray over in my life, so I did.  And I felt energized by my time spent in prayer.

I did get my Biblestudy ladies to pray for me today though, just because I wanted some extra support as well.  I needed to have it reaffirmed to me that God is in control, not govermental employees.

The reason I was so upset yesterday was because we had Abby's first speech appointment. 


I can't even stress how bad it went.  She was screaming and crying at the end of it.  But personally I don't think it was all her fault.  I think it was theirs (the speech pathologists, or whatever they are called).  Well, actually at first I thought it might be her, a bit, but as I've taken a step back and thought about it, I see it a little differently. 

They don't know her, or how she works or learns.   They let her walk all over them, and expected her to do what they wanted.  But she's speech delayed, not stupid.  You don't need to be able to talk to figure out that you can get your way by whining.  And that's what happened.  They had a little fishing/magnet game that they let her play a little.  Then they put it aside to try to get her to shape a sound.  She just kept saying no, no, NO, and whining and such, so they let her have another fish! 

Parenting rule #37 - Don't give into your child when they are whining to get their way

A kid will not respect you if they see that they can trample you.  Don't be a wimp.

Anyways. I don't need to rant about that.  So the end result of this is that they don't want to see her until September, and maybe she'll be ready by then.  Riiight.  Mayeb you'll be ready then.  But as we were chatting a bit about it at the end, the speech pathologist managed to throw into my mind some remarks that made me doubt myself and everything I believe about my girls and parenting and homeschooling and life!  Argh!

But she isn't God.  God is God.  (Yes, I know, what an obvious statement, haha.  But I need to hear it!)  And God is who I follow and listen to.  So if He says that I need to do something, then yes I need to do it.  But if the speech lady says I need to do something, I don't have to.  I can if I decide it's best, but I am not obligated to follow her every whim.

So that's that!