Friday, April 15, 2011

May I Bring You Attention To The Sidebar

I have added a button! I am so proud of myself for figuring it out. Yes, I am aware how easy it is. But this is my first time, so let me gloat. I added it because I am currently on a race to win some marvelous prizes. Over at Raising Homemakers they are having a giveaway celebrating Sarah Mae's new book '31 Days to Clean.' The giveaway ends today, so I am racing around, getting all my entries in. I don't want to miss out. But there is already something like 1460 entries (and counting) so I am not likely to win. But if I didn't try I wouldn't win at all. I did already purchse the e-book, since I wanted it whether I win or not, and I didn't want to wait. I have done Day 1, and from the looks of it I think I am going to enjoy the whole book.


See Jamie blog said... Best Blogger Tips

That's true: can't win if you don't try! One of my good real-life friends just recently started blogging, and she's won at least 5 giveaways already. It's crazy!!!

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