Saturday, May 14, 2011

One Person's Junk is Another Person's Treasure...

And now to break the bloggy silence.

So I had a garage sale today.  It was a combined effort between me and my dear friend.  I call her dear because she bought me a flower yesterday.  What a sweetie.  I think she did it because she found out that my hubby didn't get me anything at all for Mother's Day.  She was quite indignant to hear that.  But I don't want her or you to get all upset for me about it.  (Though I will admit it does satisfy me a little bit to have people on my side, so to speak.)  I didn't remind him of it at all, and without a reminder, he doesn't get things like that done very much.

But anyways.  She wasn't able to be here for it today, but if we didn't hold it today it would have to be postponed until June, since next weekend is our town's Blossom Day Festival parade and we both are planning on taking the little kidlets there.  And the weekend after that we are both out of town.  I was willing to host the sale without her in order to get this junk (treasure) out of my house.

But as life would have it, I still have junk in my house.  It was a beautiful day, except for the stinking wind that was trying to blow everything down.  But so nice and sunny that I have some burnt arms to prove it.  And I got a fair turnout.  Quite a lot of people came before my start time of 9 o'clock, darn early birds.  That'll teach me to put out my signs early.  Next time, I'm putting them out just before start time.  Take that!

We made a fairly good amount of money, but there is still quite a bit of stuff leftover, so we will probably try again next month, since another friend of ours has some stuff to get rid of, but had been out of town and didn't have time to get it ready for today.

My kids kept pulling toys off the table and playing with them.  I am very frustrated that these toys I'm trying to get rid of they suddenly are in love with.  Just can't win.  But hopefully I can hide them until next time.  All in all my girls were well behaved.