Friday, May 20, 2011

Good Morning Girls Book Club - Week 1 Thoughts

I am doing the book club on Good Morning Girls, with an accountability group through Jolanthe at No Ordinary Moments.  We start reading the book next week, though my book isn't here yet and isn't likely to get here in time.  That is my fault for being undecided whether I was actually going to do it or not.

The first three verses of the week were on how nothing happens without God.  Without Him, we can do nothing (nothing that matters anyways).  The last two were about faith legacies in our children.  This is right where God has been speaking to me lately, how I try to be independent and do everything on my own strength.  Yet nothing works and I end up way worse than I ever was!

And I sometimes (most of the time) get very stressed and worried about my children's spiritual lives.  I want them to know and love our Father, but I worry that they won't or that I'm not doing enough to teach them.  Yet if I just trust in God, like the first verses said, it will all come through His will.  He is so good!

He is so good to be patient with me while I keep making the same mistakes over and over again.  Because this is probably one of the biggest areas of struggle with me, relying on God.  Too often I forget that He is here with me.  I am blinded by all the temporary things of earth.  But as I said, they are temporary.  They have no eternal value to me.  I need to "seek first God's kingdom". 


Lora @ my blessed life said... Best Blogger Tips

Good thoughts! Wasn't it encouraging to be reminded of how our priorities should fall? When those are in order, our efforts as a mom will be so much more lasting and effective.