Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Start of September

Where on earth did July and August go?  I sure would like to know.  One minute they were here, and now, POOF!  They're gone.  Suddenly September is upon me with all this new school/speech stuff.  And then swimming lessons and Awanas and who knows what else.

Today was preschool orientation.  We got to go for one hour and let the kids play while us adults learned what all our duties would be on our duty day at the school.  Well, obviously we won't be having any separation anxiety issues about leaving Abby there.  She was gone from me first thing, straight to the rice table.  (Boy am I glad we don't have one of those at home.  Sweeping rice would get really old really fast.)

I am so very glad that she liked it there.  She even told the teacher her name when asked!  Score!  I was a little worried that her shy side would win out.  But that didn't come until we had a meeting with the speech pathologists and the support worker she will have with her.

It was just a sort of meet and greet meeting, since I hadn't met the worker yet.  And I am so SO thankful to my Lord that He obviously worked His ways because I felt good, almost great, after the meeting.  I didn't feel antagonistic or defensive with the one speech worker, and actually felt like we were working as a team for my girl.  Hurrah.

So Abby's first official day is Friday.  This day I will pack a snack in her new Barbie lunch box (that is not a metal one but I suppose I can survive) and put it in her not-new backpack and send her off into the world for 3 hours without me.  I think I might start having an anxiety attack now.