Monday, September 26, 2011

The Reason I Don't Add Up is I'm Using the Wrong Equation

I have a confession that will shock the world.  Ready?

I am NOT Super-Wife/Mom/Woman. 

Ok, maybe not so shocking.  And I can already hear all you moms saying, 'Me neither!'  And you probably all believe that.  You would say that you are just living as best you can, and you make mistakes the same as everyone.  But, I have to say, please don't take offense, I just don't believe you.  I believe that every other mom out there (with the exception of the truly crazy ones) is light-years ahead of me.

I read blog after blog of these moms who cook these great meals.  Not gourmet all the time, but healthy and nutritious and tasty.  They keep the house in at least a decent working order.  They can shelves and shelves of fruit and vegetables, grown in their own backyard.  They do this, and they do that.  Then I look at myself and I seem to be sorely lacking. 

Yet if there is any specific theme to all the stuff God has been speaking to me these past months, it is that everyone's walk with God is unique to them.  And His timing in our lives is different too.  We don't all have these cookie-cutter lives, where they all look the same.  Even if we are all listening to His voice, our decisions may still look different.  Homeschooling, church-going, working or staying at home, family size, head covering, children raising, house buying, so many decisions in life.  And everyone makes different ones.

And while there are a few decisions that only have one right answer, most of them don't.  Two different decisions can both still be correct.  This I have to keep telling and reminding myself.  My life doesn't have to look like Jane Doe's and neither does Jane Doe's life have to look like mine.

So that's it for tonight.  Now I'm off to can some peaches for my husband.  (Though I'm still hoping that some magic Canning Fairy will drop through my roof and do it for me.)


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