Sunday, September 25, 2011

Permanent Sister Sleepovers Beginning Soon

My project today has been to move Leigh over to Abby's room.  I haven't finished yet since Leigh needed her afternoon nap, so I just left her in the old room.  But after the nap, I'm thinking it's time. 

We've discussed moving the girls into the same room for a few months now.  It was never a question of IF we should, it was just WHEN we should.  As soon as we have another baby and that baby needed the crib, Leigh would be moved over to Abby's room to share with her.  But we decided to move her now, while still in the crib.  Really, just for fun?  I don't know if I have any huge, good reasons for moving earlier.

Maybe with all the toys in the one room, I will only have that one room to tidy? (HA fat chance!)  Maybe they will adapt to being in the same room, so that once Leigh moves out of the crib they will be fine to sleep together, since Abby has a double bed and we are planning on making them share it.  So mean, yes we are!  (I say that as I'm thinking of their arguments once they're older.)

Or the reason I'm doing this is that I am stuck at home all day, every day, and I need some variety in my life so I get my kicks by rearranging the furniture!  Yes, I think that's it! 

I am on a rearranging kick, actually.  We moved the TV back OUT of our room now and back into the living room, and I am so so so so so happy for it to be gone.  My room is again a safe haven for me and my hubs.  Yes, the kids still invade it (that probably won't change until they're grown) but there is no more Dora or Diego or Gerbert or any other animated/puppet-like characters in there.  I can sleep in peace.

So my room is being rearranged, we rearranged the living room to fit the TV in again, and now it's the kids' rooms.  And it is such a refreshing feeling.  But back to the girls.

So what are everyone's views on room sharing?  Is it cruel and unusual punishment to make your children share a room?  And even a bed, once it comes to that?