Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A Raw Moment

Bad days happen.

Bad-mom moments happen.

I must accept this.

I am not perfect.

Most of the time I am not even half-perfect.

Mostly, I am just a very, very, very flawed person.

So when I get incredibly frustrated with my children for seemingly being deaf to my voice while they are sitting not even 2 feet away, and possibly react in a way that is not in the best interests of anybody in the house, I will breath, apologize, hug them, maybe cry, and realize that I am the perfect candidate for a Saviour and thank God that He has given me one.


AshleyP said... Best Blogger Tips

Very true friend. These kids seem to bring out the worst in me some days but I am so grateful for grace and a God who allows me to grow and be challenged to become more like Him through these little "monsters" :)

Diana S. said... Best Blogger Tips

absolutely true and felt by nearly every single mother on this planet! Hugs!! :)

Erica said... Best Blogger Tips

Yes kids are truly a growing tool for us. It's so encouraging to know that I'm not alone in this. (Even if I feel like it and have to remind myself that I'm not.)