Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Glittering Leaves of Fall

About a month or so ago I read a post at The Homeschool Classroom about a glitter-tree craft that I stored away in my brain to do with Abby.  We finally got around to it this week.  (I had completely forgotten on what site I found this so I had to go digging through my Reader looking for it.  Of course it was one of the ones at the bottom.)

She liked to pour a lot of glue on, without smearing it around much.

So decisive about which colour to pick.
Right at the end she got a little distracted and wasn't as interested in glittering the leaves as she was in pointing to and naming various body parts.

Like armpits, for example.

It was actually really simple to do, and since I used an old cookie sheet, there really wasn't any mess.  The only part that I found hard was drawing the leaves onto the cardboard.  I am not an artist, so we just got leaves that were the basic tear shape.  I did attempt a maple leaf, but they looked so pathetic I didn't have the heart to cut them out.


Rachel @ The Cupcake Sprinkles In Life said... Best Blogger Tips

I love all of the thought she put into the glitter color :)

We've done similar crafts in November for Thankfulness.

So cute!!!

Mrs. C said... Best Blogger Tips

LOL She is very generous with the glue, too. Good grief, how do you live with all that cuteness all day!?? She'd get away with all kinds of stuff at my place. :)

Erica said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks guys! I think she's super cute too, which makes up for the harder times I think...