Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Who Couldn't Love These Faces?

Tonight I am thinking about my girls and how much I love them, and I wanted to introduce them to you.

Here is Abby:

My 3-year-old, who should still be a baby because it can't be three years yet, can it?  She is such a character, I could watch and lsiten to her play for hours.  She has quite the imaginztion, with her best friends at the moment being her hand puppets (really, they are just her hands) who always fall off high cliffs and usually beat up on me.

She does a hilarious deep, growly bossy voice that must be accompanied by a hard poke to the victim's (usually Daddy's) chest.

She has become so much more affectionate this year.  She still is very active and will run around outside for hours, but she also likes to curl up on the couch or in bed and pretend to sleep while you really try to sleep.

When she finally does go to sleep at the end of the day, it makes my heart hurt, it's so full of love, to watch her.  I like to crawl into her bed then.  In her sleepy state she is super cuddly and there is nothing like feelig her skinny little arms around my neck, holding me close.

And this is Leigh:

Her smiles are to die for.  I love this age because it is so easy to make her smile, and laugh!  Oh, her laughs are so cute.  Mark and I gush non-stop over how cute her giggles are.

I love having the sister dynamic with her.  She puts up with all of Abby's 'love' (like hair pulling, and big bear hugs that knock her over) and always wants to be doing what Abby is doing.  She learned to bounce and jump from Abby, and now when I get her from her crib, she is always jumping up and down saying "Ju, ju, ju, ju."

She is more cautious than Abby was; she doesn't like to feel unsafe.  Yet I can see her getting braver, venturing out of her zone, though sometimes too far, like onto the road.

Her eyes remind me of my husband's.  I look at her and I see him in her so much and it makes me love her all the more.  I can't wait for her to keep growing so I can see how beautiful she is going to be, because I know she will be a knockout.