Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Non-Silent Reading

The girls are always asking me to read them books, and I try to make sure that we read quite a few throughout the day.  Leigh doesn't have the patience for a book with lots of words, but Abby likes those ones.  I definately like it when there are more words, not just two to a page; that irritates me for some reason. 

But whenever we sit down together on the couch, or whereever we happen to be, once I start reading, the girls start commentating on the story.  Loudly.


"BA, BA, PU, PU"


"DA, DA, DA, DA"

This goes on the entire time.  Since they are talking so loudly, I talk even louder so that I can be heard above them, until I am practically yelling the story out.  This is definitely annoying, and it tries my patience.  I am glad that they are interacting with the story, but why even bother to get me to read when they will just talk the entire time? 

A quiet moment of 'reading' to herself